Sunday, 22 March 2015

Some surfaces are harder than others...

So I was bored and decided to do some hard surfaces tests in ZBrush (you know, something non-organic, the kind of thing you'd normally model in a typical 3D app such as 3dsMax or Maya). After looking at some tutorials from the excellent Michael Pavlovich on making a helmet, I decided to go for eh.... some sort of helmet. What the hell, it was an excuse to make some weird hard surface shapes and I just went with it. The design is kinda sucky, but I just made it up as I went along and didn't really sketch anything out first.

I didn't bother painting it, but I did bring it into keyshot to assign some materials (I know, the height of laziness!). I didn't bother with all the usual depth of field blur, chromatic aberration, etc, coz as I said earlier, I'm lazy, but I did spend a few minutes coming up with some different colour schemes. How's that for effort!

The Stormtrooper look

The 'alternative' Stormtrooper look

The red mold-tech look

Oh and for anyone interested in seeing the model before keyshot materials, here's a quick zbrush render.

I learned a lot about retopologising in zbrush and it was fun to do! No more attempting retopos in maya, that's for sure, certainly not for surfaces like this anyway.

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