Monday, 3 November 2014

Orc-kay, let's do this thing...

Blizzard-y "World of Warcraft-y" type Orc

So yeah, time to do some of the stuff I used to love when I was a kid but was never capable of doing. World of Warcraft was a favourite of mine back when I was an ankle-biter (the year was Eleventy six... I was young, impressionable, and a fan of cinematics - and nobody, but nobody did better cinematics than Blizzard), and I basically grew up watching the cinematics get more and more impressive, each one outdoing the last.

Then I lost my way and stopped playing games.

Anyway, I was watching one of their trailers recently and thought it might be fun to knock up one of their orcs (not literally you understand, the females aren't as pretty as you'd hope), as I hadn't done anything like that since I got into 3D, and with ZBrush being as easy to use as it is, you can create a model in just about 3 hours. Soooo... I did.

This guy is a particularly bad-ass badass, goes by the name of Garrosh Hellscream (or so I'm reliably informed - haven't played in years!). He struck me as your typical orc, and he features in this trailer. Pretty sweet cinematic, right?

So anyway, this is my quick sketch of him, hope you like-y (sticking with the -y theme I've got going on). I'm aware his jeweller-y (okay, so that was unnecessary) should probably be silver, but this seemed fancier and, what the hell, I went with it.

Oh, and a quick turnaround render for shits and giggles. It's gonna have to be a link, because for the life of me I can't get an embedded youtube video to work on blogger and default to showing it in HD.

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