Saturday, 3 May 2014

A 'short' story about a dwarf model...

Tall tale? Short story? I'm not sure which this will be. The important thing is, it's about a dwarf.

This particular little fella I stumbled upon while checking out the amazing work of Jean-Baptiste Monge. He's got such an amazing style you'll just want to hop right into that world he's created and live there for ever and ever. I absolutely love it.

So yes, you may click the link now. Permission has been granted.

Eh... No. Not later.


This is a big shiny link to JBMonge's website. Resist the urge to click it at your peril.

You will not be disappointed*.

Anywho, I couldn't stop myself from having a crack at one of his sketches in order to see what I could get done in a day, and also because I had some time to kill and thought he'd make a cute model. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the face to be anything like the one he's drawn, but hey, a dwarf is a dwarf, right? Weeee-ll, not really. His was SO-OOO expressive and I sort of feel like I may have even met/already know the guy, his face is just so familiar to me. And yet I couldn't capture it. Ah well - another day perhaps!

So the thing is, this blog was always about me just charting my progress this year as I try to get back into modelling again, so if nothing else, this serves as a marker for me to see what I can do now versus what I hope to achieve by year's end. Maybe I'll revisit this one next year and see if I've improved or not. Here's hoping.

Anyway, hope you like it nevertheless.


* This is not a guarantee, but do it anyway, you know it makes sense,..

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