Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lunch crunch - but not the tasty kind... unfortunately

They have this thing on the interweb. You'll find it on the google. They have it there. They call it a lunch crunch, and it's basically a very simple idea; you take a theme (Batman, Space Pirates, Mongeese of a Certain Persuasion, Whatever), and you attempt to do a quick sculpt during your lunch hour. It's a great way to get your modelling speed up and have a bit of a laugh during lunch.

Now I don't know how many of you have been using, but I've recently discovered it and it rocks. Rocks like a boulder field being smashed by a chain gang into a field of even smaller boulders. Or... er... rocks... eh... as it were...

You get where I'm going with this.

So yeah, if you start to follow a shit-load* of art related boards such as ones for some dude called John Nevarez, you're gonna find some pretty sweet 2d concept artwork which just screams** - and I mean screams - to be modelled. Otherwise, just follow other boards and you're bound to find something interesting anyway. Like my board. What I'm just about to pimp...

So on a totally unrelated note to the paragraph above, I've created my own board for stuff that inspires me (think I just got away with that), and, not having the wherewithal to use a name like "Inspiration" for my board, I went ahead and created this one:

But I digress; this John dude had a lovely little image which I used as a jumping off point for a little head sculpt I could knock out over lunch in ZBrush. So here it is, 45 minutes later (w-e-l-l-ll, okay, so a quick photoshop touch up took a few minutes longer, but the modelling and painting was quick enough).

I'm pretty happy with it. Let's see when I review this blog a year from now though. <gulp!>


* A shit-load being more than a bucket-load but less than a standard bushel.
** Some screams are silent. Just sayin'.

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