Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Louis the 'gator

Fan art. Or fan of art. Or the art of being a fan. I'm not sure which I am, but I'll happily be involved in any of them...

So anyway, BoredPanda posted a little article about some dude in Blizzard Entertainment who had the wonderful idea of taking still frames from The Sword in the Stone and painting them up to see what it would look like. Genius! And beautiful results too. Really talented guy.
I'm a fan (see that? I just slipped that one in there..).

Browsing through pinterest on one of my many trawls through the artwork neatly organised on there, I'd recently come across some concept work I really liked of the alligator (called Louis) from the Princess and the Frog, and it got me thinking - why not do something similar, only knock it up in ZBrush instead? So, yep, here's the result. Done on a Sunday evening with a lunch hour or so added in for good measure while I played around with some SSS effects in Zbrush.

Hope you like it!

And the original sketch? Here it is, lovely isn't it? I'm not sure of the name of the person who made it, so can't credit him here unfortunately. If you know who it is, please let me know!


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