Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A toadsome post...

I get bored so easily. Starting to think I might have ADD or something. I can't seem to get myself enthused enough to spend any amount of time on a model, and I keep wanting to move onto the next one before I've even finished something. It's becoming a problem. A first world problem admittedly, but a problem nevertheless. You'd think it would be made easier by the fact I don't really have specific stuff in mind, I just want to keep moving on.

Anyway, pinterest.com came to the rescue once again when searching for ideas for something to model. This time I came across the artwork of Tony DiTerlizzi, a guy who does book covers (amongst other things - don't ask me, what am I, his biographer?), and he has some amazing character designs including one of a toad which he'd done for the Spiderwick Chronicles, a film which I have yet to see. Yep. there you have it. Couldn't be arsed to do the research, but went ahead with it anyway. Height of laziness! In fact, if it weren't for the geekiness of Phil McDarby, I wouldn't even have known it was from that film. Thanks muchly Phil for filling me in.
The design of this thing is absolutely beautiful though and got me thinking that I'd like to have a crack at it...

So anyway, as I was going through it, I made some small changes here and there, and then thought, this guy needs a story, rather than just have him standing there like a pleb.

Exhibit A - Plebicus Boringus

So having got to this point, I decided the poor fella needed something to do, or at the very least some company, so I found some old models lying around on my hard drive and threw them into the scene. I posed them a little, gave him a little spear (as in the original design), and will probably leave it at that as I'm bored now and wanna move onto something else. Sound familiar?

Exhibit B - Lesser Spotted Posed Toad

As usual, everything done in ZBrush with the exception of the signature. 

Hope you like him!


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