Thursday, 9 January 2014

Photographic experiments...

Photography - well, seeing as I'd bought the camera and all...

So, a while ago, the kind people at Brown Bag Films decided it would be pretty cool if we did our own little photography lessons in Brown Bag for those interested. Needless to say, there was a good uptake. The challenge was to emulate a famous photographer's work, so I chose Sally Mann. The following is the shot I came up with. Some photoshop involved obviously, but it was an interesting experiment all the same. Miserable failure of a thing compared to her stuff, but hey, it was my first and only attempt.

Aoife Giles was the tutor that came in and taught us over 10 weeks. We did several little assignments, the most fun one for me though was making our own pinhole cameras and developing the photos ourselves. Made using a tin of coffee, some tin from a can of coke, a piece of paper, some duct tape, and a small strawberry harvested by a blind albino monk with a limp in a small Tibetan village in a place accessible only by donkey-drawn cart*, we hand fashioned cameras and set them up for photos in Smithfield here in the heart of Dublin (the fact it was just around the corner from the office being purely coincidental). Anyway, here's the result.

* Okay, so one of those ingredients wasn't real. I'm not telling which though - like to keep it mystical me... 

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