Monday, 13 January 2014

Let's "face" it, caricatures are fun to do...

ZBrush is fun. Lets face it people - it's fun! Caricatures are fun too. Together...? Well, it's probably the most fun you can have by yourself. Sort of. But mostly in a not-at-all-kinda-way. I was just sort of saying stuff because I need some filler text here so this doesn't just look like another dump of some old work in order to get a new blog post out. Which it isn't.
- Honestly.

Anyway, here's a few caricatures I've knocked up in the evenings. They generally take an hour or two to create, all told. Am considering doing more just because they're such fun.

Good old Sly. I did have a turnaround video up, but inserting a google (youtube) video into a google blog via the "My youtube videos" link on the design page doesn't work. So yeah, go google. You rock. <grumbles something about how he should've used wordpress for the blog>

The incomparable Mel Smith - loved him!

Mr Hugh Laurie - comic genius in a more serious role!

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